Religious basis

Nordic Tingsfællig’s religious basis

In Nordic Tingsfællig we give weight to the actions that individuals perform.

As humans, we are responsible for our community and society, and it is only by other people that you as an individual are judged. The common values that bind us together are, among others, family, friendship and hospitality.

Regin is the collective term for the mythological creatures, we know from Norse mythology.

The texts that make up Norse mythology, are of various age, nature and source of value, the relevance of the individual texts are determined solely by the reader.

The literature reflects a culture peculiar to the Nordic area that ‘Nordic Tingsfællig’ refers to for religious purposes. The central mythological texts, Edda poems, Prose Edda and to some extent “Denmark Chronicle” by Saxo Grammaticus, inform about gods and heroes, the cosmos and the world, and provide inspiration in religious life.

Nordic Tingsfællig’s members perform rituals in accordance with their individual religious beliefs. This means that cult and religious practice is diverse, and Nordic Tingsfællig in this context is not involved directly in members’ personal rituals. Nordic Tingsfællig will not and can never come to interfere in the way one performs blót or other rituals.
Our official ritual is the Thing ritual held every year when we gather at the ‘Great Thing’ (AGM).