Front page

Welcome to the homepage of Nordisk Tingsfællig

We are a faith community for people in Denmark following a modern religion based on Old Norse mythology.


The main purpose of the Nordic Tingsfællig:

  • To support the cult of the pre-Christian Nordic mythological creatures (hereinafter called Regin) for people who believe in and worship them, in Denmark.
  • To acquire land in Denmark for creating cult places for the worship of Regin.
  • To act as a religious service organisation to members, by within the framework of ‘NTF’ supporting their religious needs to the extent they may wish, including assistance with, guidance and or performance of, relevant religious and family rituals.

For the necessary legal part of this type of ritual, such as marriage, we refer to the appropriate legal authorities. The community does not seek to perform legal tasks that are performed by local or national state.

  • To facilitate contact between members.

Codex and Declaration


* We view religion and politics as clearly distinct areas.

* We view participation in Nordic Tingsfællig’s community as requiring active involvement.

* We intend to live up to our word.

* We take responsibility for our actions.

* We show respect for each other through dignified conduct.

* We cultivate our culture in a globalized multicultural and multi-religious world

* We respect other cultures and faiths.

* We demonstrate good citizenship.

* We are committed to sustainability and respect for nature.


All in Denmark have the right to profess and practice their religion as they see fit, within the limits of the law of the land.

Nordic Tingsfællig will not in any way sense or form be associated with either groups or individuals who equate religion and race, blood, genes, ethnicity or who assume that one of these factors is a prerequisite for the other, Nordic Tingsfællig will not in any way advocate or support such views.